Keynote panel

The Keynote Panel

The Global Roots of Appalachian Mountain Dance Keynote Panel (Friday, 4-5:30pm, Parkway Ballroom, PSU) will feature a lively discussion about the historical roots and contemporary traditions of Appalachian mountain dance. Scholar-practitioners of Cherokee, African, Irish, flatfoot, clogging, and tap dance will discuss the ways that these dance styles intersect and overlap with each other-- historically in the Appalachian region, and also through common rhythms and movement. Keynote panelists and audience members will be invited to consider how dance can help transcend boundaries and create new connections in our own communities and beyond. 

Panelists include:

Bernice Bottchenbough (Cherokee)

Emily Daughtridge (African)

Tommy DeFrantz (Tap)

Allison Duvall (Irish)

Phil Jamison (Flatfoot)

Sherone Price (African)

Aaron Ratcliffe (Clogging)

Khalid Saleen (African)